Reimbursement services that streamline product access

ReimbursementWith our extensive history of providing support for complex specialty and ultra-orphan products, TheraCom brings a wealth of experience to develop and execute highly successful reimbursement programs. To meet our goal of 100% coverage for every product, we provide a continuum of full reimbursement support, as needed, on a patient-by-patient basis. Our expertise includes the full spectrum of services from real-time electronic claims verification transactional support to the highest levels of reimbursement case management.

Our specific reimbursement services include:

  • Full service insurance verification
  • Reimbursement case management
  • Prior authorization support
  • Appeals management and support
  • Billing and coding assistance
  • Alternate coverage research
  • Payer advocacy
  • Reimbursement strategy consulting

Our customized reimbursement programs support each patient, substantially increasing the likelihood of therapy reimbursement, while capturing meaningful market intelligence. We provide personalized service options for health care professionals and their patients. Above all, we identify the coverage option that results in the lowest out-of-pocket cost to the patient.

With our extensive expertise in complex reimbursement environments, our experienced reimbursement specialists develop relationships with your physician customers. They become trusted resources, addressing specific billing and coding issues to give health care professionals confidence in prescribing, buying and billing your product, and facilitate reimbursement support among all parties in the patient care continuum.